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Project Aim

Disrupt the gym market and provide a boutique fitness experience outside of the main cities.

Design Concept

This is your stage. Your time to perform. The spotlight is on you.

Project Type


Berkshire, UK


Luxury Industrial


Using the existing industrial building features the lighting design became the focus throughout. We used it to create a story that puts the spotlight on the members. Member retention was top priority for this gym. It's how you create a community that has brand loyalty. By putting the members in the spotlight it compounded that feeling that they are a part of something and not just a number to the business. From reception you get a peek through onto the gym floor. You can hear the music and bustle behind the "curtain". "Are you ready?" you're asked as you go down into the "backstage" area. Then you step out into the spotlight. The adrenaline already pumping. This is your stage.

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