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Who? Why? How?

All I want to see are buzzing venues with happy customers and proud staff that breed successful business.

I care about your business and how it performs. I want to see you thriving as business owners, so I work hard to get you the outcome that works best for the customer experience, the staff functions and revenue generation. I never see it as "you need a pretty space". It's always about return on your investment.

It breaks my heart to see a business that has a great product and service level but they aren't getting the attention they deserve because their brand and interiors aren't aligned. When businesses aren't clear on who their ideal customers are and their motivations, they can lose sight of the importance of the space their business inhabits, and how the quality and finish make the customer feel.

You might have an historic venue and you've forgotten to tell that story through the interior design. Maybe you've made safe choices in the decor for fear of getting it wrong. You don't know where to start in bringing a scheme together and just buy furniture that you like the look of without considering the impact on the whole space.

From the feel of the door handle to the sound their footsteps make, every detail should be considered in how it plays into the overall feeling that you want to evoke in your customers.

That's how you create an unforgettable experience that matches your product.


With my 10 years in hotel and hospitality design I've seen through a lot of schemes that are great conceptually and then had to make them fit the budget. This taught me a lot about where it makes sense to spend money commercially and where you can push the boundaries to create the right experience.

I pride myself on getting the balance right so you know you're in great hands for making the most impact with your investment. Clear and consistent communication is key to this so that the client - design - construction relationship is strong and focused on the project goals.

I'm supported by a wonderful bunch of freelance designers and I cover England, Scotland and Wales for commercial Interior Design projects. Head to "Projects" to see more.

If you need help creating an experience for your customers that makes for loyal fans that do the marketing for you then get in touch here for a chat about your project.

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