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Welcome to LR Interiors!

Hey there!

I thought I'd jump on and give you a bit of an introduction to me and how I got here!

For the past few years I have been working on Easthampstead Park Hotel and East Park Gym in Wokingham, Berkshire. I created all the beautiful interiors and managed the design process throughout. It was a very involved role with me being responsible from concept to completion, working with the contractors day to day and styling it all myself. I managed everything from budgets to buying and deliveries too. It was incredibly fulfilling and I can't wait to see people finally using the hotel when lockdown lifts again in just over a week!

In the past I have worked on the design of a few other hotels, some high end residential and huge roll outs across larger hotel chains, which brought me to this awesome project at Easthampstead Park. As this project was coming to a close I started to think about the next opportunity.

For me, running my own business has always been my dream. I have worked on a few residential projects (including my own home) and I found I was getting asked for advice from friends and family that needed help with their home. So I started to trial some design packages. The response I got was great, and it is so personal to see someone so excited and happy with their new design that they can't wait to get the paint brush out! I thought that maybe this could really work! With lockdown and the slow down in the hospitality industry I knew I wanted to diversify and I found something I love doing, that I can do remotely and was a popular service! I got so excited that this might be the right time to finally take that step.

Throughout the whole time my husband has been right there supporting me. He's incredibly successful himself and we both feed off of each other to follow our passions. I'm quite a home bird but he convinced me to go travelling across China and South East Asia for a few months as that was his dream. Without a doubt the best trip we have ever taken and I'm so glad he pushed me to do it. He got me into rock climbing which I now can't live without (lockdown has been HARD ). And we also decided to finally get a dog, which has been another dream for us both and we were so happy to grow our family last year with Rey our lovable, excitable German Shepherd! She has made our lives so much better and we've had to change our priorities to ensure she has what she needs as a working breed with lots of energy and intelligence! Gave us something to focus on through lockdown that's for sure! Lastly, any of you that know me personally will know that I am also pregnant so we are taking a different path in life at the moment and one we are enjoying so much already. And yet my husband has been there supporting me to start this business and run with it.

New business, baby on the way, a house renovation and our lovable puppy too! Most people might think I'm mad and it has been very overwhelming at times but now I've taken the leap I know it was the best decision and I am so excited to see this business continue to grow!

So please feel free to say Hi! I hope by knowing a bit more about me shows you my passion for this business so feel free to chat to me about anything interior (or rock climbing ) related! If you have a question about my past projects or want to know more, send me a message or comment below! I'd love to get to know you better!


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