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8 Reasons to use an Interior Designer with Project Management expertise

Getting an interior designer involved at the beginning stages of a project, no matter what the size, is always beneficial. They will truly understand your final vision and guide you on the path to get there. What is well known about Interior Designers is that they can get you the final look that you want, but the decision making process to get there can be very intense! Interior design project managers have the experience in construction projects to take you through the whole process seamlessly and save you time, money and stress in the meantime. So, if you are looking for more than just a final design aesthetic and need advice and guidance throughout a project this could be the right combination for you.



Here are the top things Interior Designers can take care of when Project Management is included alongside design.

1. Create a clear line of communication

From planning applications through to deliveries on site, the Interior Designer can take care of all of the communication for your project. This ensures seamless contact throughout, as many decisions need to be made along the way. By giving the communication to your Interior Designer, they can answer a lot of queries for you based on your needs and expectations and only come to you when it's necessary to make a final decision. They will also be able to whittle down the options to streamline this further for you. They will be the expert of your project and any questions you may have, they will be able to get you the answer, saving you hassle of dealing with multiple contacts.

2. Solve problems

It's built into a Designer's mind to solve problems! By having them as your Project Manager you will know they have considered all options before coming to you with what they believe to be the best solutions for you. They may know that you have a tight budget for example, and come to you with ways in which to save money without compromising hugely on quality, should an issue arise. This will allow you to make an informed decision, knowing that all options have been considered.

The DURING stage can become overwhelming fast!

3. Save you time

If you are desperate to start that home improvement project or you want to buy a doer upper but simply don't have the time to manage the process, this is a big reason to get an Interior Designer with Project Management included in the package. Without having to think up solutions or meet contractors on site, you will save yourself an immense amount of time. If you are busy with work or family life this may be very appealing to you.

4. Understand and explain the drawings

There are many drawings needed throughout a construction project if you want to ensure it's built to your exact requirements. Everything from Structural Engineers drawings through to drainage layouts can be read by the Interior Designer to help you process and understand the information. By having the room designed early on you can understand it's function and work with the Designer to make decisions for socket or lighting positions for example, before construction starts, to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and avoid any costly additions later on.

5. Ensure timescales are met

With any construction project time is of the essence. With unexpected delays that can arise from supplier issues or inclement weather, you want to make sure you are not responsible for any further delays. If you are buying some items yourself to supply to the contractor, you will need to ensure they are on site at the right time to save them from lying around and possibly getting damaged, or being too late for install. By having an Interior Designer with Project Management expertise, you can have them take on this part of the project too. They can advise you based on supplier lead times, when is best to order items to ensure timing is right throughout. If your items are late the contractor will charge you for delays so you want to avoid this at all costs and keep the project flowing.

6. Think outside the box

If opportunities for clever design features come up throughout the project your Interior Designer will be sure to spot them! From a layout change to maximise functionality, to a clever storage solution, the interior designer can point these out to you when discussing your needs and expectations for the project. It could be something you hadn't thought of but it saves you money or creates a huge impact on the use of the space. You might just get that wow factor you are after!

Knowing what order different trades need to be in can save a lot of time and costly error.

7. Pick up the finer details

With so many choices to make, decision fatigue can set in early. For example, you might overlook the position of the existing soil stack meaning that you end up with a nasty unexpected boxing in your bathroom that throws off the final aesthetic. The Interior Designer can make sure this is picked up and advise you on how the room can be designed to avoid this. It's not as simple as just moving the toilet you see!

8. Save you money

Ultimately the money you will save will vastly outweigh the fee for the Design and Project Management. With most construction projects going over budget, having someone to get the design and specification right early on will save on costly changes later in the project. For example, if you had an extension built and didn't realise from the drawings that the ceiling height was lower than you expected, until you stood in the space with the roof on, it would be cost prohibitive to change it at that point. The Interior Designer can pick this up at the drawing stage and ensure you get exactly what you want. On a smaller scale, if you didn't realise you needed 4 extra sockets in a room until it's already been plastered that could be a costly mistake to rectify, having to undo work already complete. A Designer would ensure your full needs are met for every room in the house. They will also pick up on missing items from the pricing documents so that you can get a full price early on and make decisions on any value engineering to get the project on budget. These are just examples of the hundreds of decisions that can be involved in a single construction project so it can be worthwhile having someone to take the brunt of the work for you.

Overall, having an Interior Designer do the Project Management will mean you have someone in your corner at all stages of the project, advising you on how to make the most of your money on a home improvement or extension project. It will save you time, money and stress, and ultimately you'll get the design you want within your budget.

Do you have a home improvement project you've been meaning to get onto? Do you want to buy a doer upper but not sure where to start with it? Go to the Contact page and get in touch for a consultation. I'd love to help you!

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